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What our users have to say...

“It is amazing to see how this technology is removing barriers and helping people to think about things differently. It is helping people with disabilities and complex needs to be more independant and connect and support each other on their journey to employment.”

- Health & Disability Coach, JCP


“This is particularly good for people with digital leanings and also for people who have conditions like agrophobia and may be concerned about coming into a jobcentre”

- Greater Wessex JCP Manager

What our users have to say...

“I really enjoyed using the avatar to move around, and communicate in the virtual café and world. I think there is loads of scope for this type of project to help people on the spectrum”

- Participant


“The ConnectUp cafe created by Balance CIC and Pure Innovations is providing an invaluable 3D context for the new peer to peer job clubs that we are piloting as part of our Journey to Employment Pilots in Greater Wessex with DWP and ODI ”

- Donna Thompson - Autus

What our users have to say...

“Aside from designing a fantastic virtual building, this young man’s biggest achievement was presenting Connect Up to 20 professionals confidently and clearly”

- Balance CIC


"Adam started with us on a virtual world work skills course and then progressed on to part time supported employment with Balance CIC. Now his talent for digital design has landed him a prestigious Codezoners place at Ravensbourne College and he is learning how to build his own computers too!"

- Donna Thompson Director of Operations and Quality - Autus